Saul Bass

300px-Saul_Bass(1920-1996) Saul Bass is a graphic designer and an academy awarded filmmaker

he first developer of kinetic typography and he has great title sequences

Personally, I have to admit he had a life that i want to live

film-making, design offfff…


definitely that’s my favorite like many people it is just production of  inteligence

this video is the one of the most famous title sequences from the movie The Man With The Golden Arm – it is about an heroin addicted jazz musician. Beneath this, you are seeing the posters of this movie.


i can not take my eyes from “R” letter of “arm”.  Is it referring to little finger?

it is insane, i am stunned at that point ökascmdnforhajdklsmdmsdals….


The death body on the floor is already making a sense curiosity about movie

that’s just my opinion




its_a_mad_mad_mad_mad_world_ver2I am not sure that is one of Saul Bass design


~ by barisyilmaz on 06/06/2009.

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