Jane Withers: In Praise of Shadows

In Praise of Shadows
Life 01, 2009, by Paul Cocksedge (UK). Life 01 plays on the juxtaposition of light and water. The stem acts as a conductor of electricity, activating a small light source at the base of the water-filled vase when a flower is placed inside. As the flower withers, the light slowly expires. Photo by Paola Pieroni


Fragile Future, 2006–09, by Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta (Drift, Netherlands). Exploring the amalgamation of nature and technology, Fragile Future combines an electrical system with real dandelion seed heads in a light sculpture that grows over the wall surface. Photo by Paola Pieroni

Ice Age Chair, 2008, by Radu Comsa (Romania). The Ice Age Chair is not a proper chair, but a super-soft hideout for any standard seat. Light diffuses through the fiber around the chair’s shape, and the chair itself disappears, reading as a negative image or as if it were frozen in layers of old ice.

In Praise of Shadows
Light Blub, 2008, by Pieke Bergmans (Netherlands). A giant light bulb appears to be morphing into new forms, perhaps playfully symbolizing the end of the incandescent bulb as we know it. Photo by Studio Design Virus

In Praise of Shadows
Doodle Plumen Series 2009 Prototype by Hulger (UK.) Designed as a reaction against the aesthetic of existing CFL products, Doodle is one of a series of proposals to give a more sculptural form to low-energy light bulbs. Photo by Paola Pieroni


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