Otl Aicher

Otl Aicher (May 13, 1922September 1, 1991), also known as Otto Aicher, was one of the leading German graphic designers of the 20th century.

Born in Ulm, Aicher was a classmate and friend of Werner Scholl, and through him met Werner’s family, including his siblings Hans and Sophie Scholl, both of whom would be executed in 1943 for their membership in the White Rose resistance movement in Nazi Germany. Like the Scholls, Aicher was strongly opposed to the Nazi movement. He was arrested in 1937 for refusing to join the Hitler Youth, and consequently he was failed on his abitur (college entrance) examination in 1941. He was subsequently drafted into the German army to fight in World War II, though he tried to leave at various times. In 1945 he deserted the army, and went into hiding at the Scholls’ house in Wutach.

Otl Aicher Work

Posters for courses taught at the Volkshochschule. Photo by Negative Space.

Otl Aicher Work

Otl Aicher and his E5 team developed the identity for Lufhtansa. Photo by alphanumeric.

Otl Aicher Work

On the top right is the first rejected garland, and the top left shows the final execution designed by Coordt von Mannstein. The plate is just there to blow your mind. Image by Latierrasemueve.

Otl Aicher Work

A sample of the grid used by Aicher to develop approximately 180 pictograms. Photo by insect54.

Otl Aicher Work

Three of dozens of posters Aicher created using images from athletes, representing the multitude of nationalities that would converge at the Olympics. Images by Blanka.co.uk.

Otl Aicher Work

Waldi the dachshund. Image by Latierrasemueve.

Otl Aicher Work

Poster as part of an identity developed for the German town of Isny. Photo by alphanumeric.

Otl Aicher Work

Working on the development of Rotis.


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